Ultimate Retro Gamers Guide to Android

I am a huge retro gaming fan and the Android platform is perfect for retro gaming, especially with the ever updating emulators and apps.

I’d like to add a quick thank you to the guys at www.funstockretro.co.uk for helping get me started. They’ve got a great range of Android consoles and great retro merchandise – definitely check them out if you found this guide useful.

I have compiled a list below of the best apps and guides on retro gaming with Android.

First you need to – Enable “unknown sources”

Before you are able to install emulators/files outside of the Google Play Store, you need to enable “unknown sources”.

Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources‘ (This step may vary depending on Android version or device but basically you will need to turn on the option that allows you to install non-market apps)

enable unknown sources

Once you have enabled unknown sources, you’re free to install everything.
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I’d like to add a quick thank you to the guys at www.funstockretro.co.uk for helping get me started. They’ve got a great range of Android consoles and great retro merchandise – definitely check them out if you found this guide useful.

Q. How do I add roms /games to the JXD?
A. Shown in the video below (hint, it’s REALLY EASY). Use the “Happy Chick” app. If you do not have the “Happy Chick” app, click the “Game Center” app and it should install the “Happy Chick” app.

Q. I have accidentally deleted/no longer have some of the core files on the console – how do I get them back?
A. You can download the preloaded content from www.jxd.hk (go to support and find the device and download the .rar file). Unpack it and put all the .apk files on a micro SD (or use USB data transfer mode). Use the file browser to located the external micro SD or the folder on your internal system and install the .apk files. You can also download the latest version of happychick from www.happychick.hk.

Q. I have the reicast emulator but I don’t understand how to use it and it says something about a bios missing so I got an app called every bios and I still don’t know what to do, I know it says to rename it but I’m not sire how to do that on the jxd, can you help?

A. Make sure you point the emulator to the bios folder. The folder should be called “dc” and in the root of your file system.Also ensure the settings are set to your correct region (it will default to reicast which won’t work with most PAL)

Q. I also have the Frodo c64 emulator on there but I couldn’t find the games after I downloaded the roms when I opened up the emulator, is there a way to fix this?
A. Use the one in the emulator store on the JXD – it’s fine.

Q. I found a spare 8gb micro sd card and when I put it in the jxd it recognizes it but I can’t seem to download anything onto it, can you tell me where I’m going wrong?
A. You might need to format it.

Q. I managed to download some roms for the snes, nes and mega drive but when I enter each emulator they are all lumbered together in downloads, is there a way I can put them in the right places ie all the snes games on the snes emulator?
A. Yes – you can use the JXD file manager to move files into the “games” folder.Alternatively, plug in the JXD to your PC and enable USB mode. Then access the file system as usual via your PC.

Q. I have no idea how to put other roms on the emulators, do I need to connect to a pc to do it?
A. Yes.You can use the internal file manager to do this without connecting to a PC, but it sounds like you would be safer using a PC.

Q. How do I check the memory so I know what I have space for I have no sd card yet so want to use the 8gb on the device?
A. Connect to a PC.

Q. Can I change the destination where the “Happy Chick” app saves files to?
A. Yes.Within the app, click the icon that looks like 3 little dots on top of each other (top right hand corner). This should bring up the settings menu.

There’s then an option for “storage directory” which you can click then navigate to your preferred destination.

Press the save button once you are happy.

Q,I wish to purchase it for retro game play, is it as simply as just downloading an app emulator and some ROM’s?
A. Even simpler than that. It already has the emulators (and you can download any extras you might like) and there’s a built-in app with search function for finding games.

Q. The device comes with android 4.2.2, is this the most up to date software? If not can I update?
A. Do not update the firmware. There’s really no need to anyway. Just use the software provided and all will be well.

Q.I also wish to wirelessly connect it to my Samsung Smart TV but can’t find out any where if it’s compatible?
A. If it is compatible with Android it should be fine.

Q. My JXD Emulator Store is blank – it isn’t showing any programs or downloadable files – what can I do to resolve this?
A. The solution is very straightforward:

1). Download the files from this link.

2) Plug your JXD into your PC via USB.

3) Place the downloaded files into the corresponding folder on your JXD (Xiaoji > Emulators).

4) When you next load up your JXD, they should be in the Emulator Store again. If not, navigate to Xiaoji > Emulators using the file explorer, and launch the files from there.

Q. I can’t see the ‘Game Center’ app?
A. Download the .apk file from here, then put it on your JXD using the USB mode. Once on your JXD navigate to it using the file manager then click the file.

Q. Is it possible to install xbmc on this?
A. Yes – if it there is an Android app, it will work.

Links to other useful guides:
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